Catalina United Methodist Church is a historic church in Tucson whose ministries have impacted many lives. Over the years, out of gratitude for what the church has done in their lives and the lives of their families, many individuals and families have wanted a way to remember and contribute to the church’s ministry in addition to their regular yearly pledges. The Catalina United Methodist Foundation provides a process to manage and facilitate this future through planned donations and advanced estate planning.

Foundation History

The Catalina United Methodist Foundation was established October 5th, 1994 by Charge Conference Approval followed by Incorporation in the State of Arizona. The purpose of the Foundation is to assist those who wish to provide financial gifts to the church in support of future ministry and provide stewardship of those gifts. Gifts to the Catalina United Methodist Foundation can given as Enduring Endowments, specified Term gifts (> $5,000) for distribution over 3, 5, or 10 years for specified program or purposes or Immediate distribution gifts. The Enduring gifts preserve the principal of the gift and only interest income and dividends are available for the working funds. Through the years, many have contributed to the Foundation for a variety of causes such as: Missions, Scholarships, Counseling, Ministerial Education, the Day School, Memorial Garden, Music, or ongoing property and programs of the Church.
Current officers are: Scott Campbell (Treasurer), Don Brummet, Jean McKnight-Guymon (Chair), Cori Hoag, Roberta VanDyke, Will Whitaker, Judy Wingert, Bill Ganoe, David Horr, and Rev. Dottie Escobedo-Frank.
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CUMC Foundation provides college and post-secondary scholarships for church members, clergy students and members of our community.To view the scholarship form, click here. Submit your scholarship request to the Foundation at
For more information or to give to the Foundation, contact Jean McKnight-Guymon at