We believe that marriage is a gift from God, and we celebrate it as a holy event in the life of the couple and their guests. We are honored that you are considering having your wedding at Catalina United Methodist Church.

The Sanctuary

Our sanctuary has a long aisle and is adorned with rainbow colored stained glass windows. The sanctuary can seat up to 900 people. Though, accommodations can be made in order to make this large space feel more intimate. Our Quinby Symphonic organ is featured in the front of the sanctuary. There is also a piano in our sanctuary.

The Chapel

The Memorial Chapel offers a more intimate setting for a wedding. It seats up to 100 people. The chapel is adorned with stained glass windows depicting desert scenes. There is a piano in the room for special music during the ceremony.

Bride’s Room

The Church offers a Bride’s Room which can offer a private space for the bridal party to get ready for the special day!


One of our pastors will spend time getting to know you before the ceremony. The pastor will also plan the ceremony with the couple getting married.


Catalina can provide a musician for your ceremony. If you wish to provide your own musician for the organ, this musician will need to collaborate with Catalina’s Director of Music Ministries.

More Information

For additional information and pricing information, please contact the church office at (520) 327-4296 or at