Facility Rentals
Catalina UMC is centrally located in Tucson, AZ and has
numerous spaces that would be perfect for all types of events.
Please call the church office at
(520) 327-4296 for pricing information.
All rooms are easily handicap accessible.
 Wi-Fi is available church-wide.

Our gorgeous sanctuary is a perfect venue for weddings, memorial services, concerts, or lectures. The beautiful stained glass windows are stunning during the day or night. The space has a computer, video screens, and an excellent sound system. There is a smaller space off of the main sanctuary that is more intimate if desired. The main sanctuary can hold several hundred people and there is an overflow space as well. There is also a balcony if needed. The sanctuary boasts a Quimby Pipe Organ, Opus 70 and arrangements can be made for an organist to play at your event. The sanctuary entrance and parking is on the west side of the church. 

*We can also rent our risers in tandem with the sanctuary –These risers are placed adjacent to the top step of the chancel in the sanctuary and extend the space for musicians, making a continuous stage in front of the sanctuary.  


The chapel is a beautiful, intimate space for weddings, memorial services, small performances, or lectures.

There are amazing stained glass windows crafted by local artisans along two of the walls.

There is a sound system as well as a grand piano, and small stage.

The chapel can seat about about 135 people.   
Bride’s Room
Adjacent to the chapel and down a short hallway from the sanctuary is the Bride’s room. This cozy room is available for bridal parties to dress, prepare and organize before a wedding. It is a living room styled room and has a restroom and large counter and mirrors to help with preparation for a wedding. 
Fellowship Hall

This recently remodeled space is also a great venue for weddings, large receptions, community gatherings or lectures. It would be great for dramatic or musical performances. There is a grand piano as well as video screens, a computer, and a sound system. There is a large performance stage(27′ x 24′)  with directional lighting. This room has restrooms and parking close by and is just across the hall from the huge church kitchen.

The room can be set up with chairs to hold about 320 people, or if tables and chairs are used, the room holds around 150 people. There are 10 round tables available for set up that seat 6-8 people each. There is access to an outdoor, shaded patio which has decorative tables and benches on it. 

Pine Tree Patio

This beautiful outdoor space is shaded by one of the largest Aleppo pine trees in Tucson.

This space can be available for receptions, capacity approximately 50 people. 

This recently remodeled space is perfect for small meetings.
It has a beautiful exposed beam ceiling, comfortable chairs, and a large conference table. A smaller table and chairs are also in the room.
The capacity is 12 people. 

We have a large kitchen with a long prep counter in the middle.

It is equipped with a gas 4 burner range and oven, and a commercial dish washer. There are double sinks for hand washing larger items. There is a large refrigerator/freezer also.

Capacity is approximately 12 people. 

Music Room

The music room has tiered rows for seating leading to the top of the space.

There is a grand piano as well as an upright piano. There are large chalk boards in the front of the room

This room would be fabulous for musical recitals, lessons, or choral rehearsals.

It can seat approximately 100 people and is close to the accessible parking lot and east parking lot. 

Room H-230
Large classroom or meeting room. This room seats approximately 200 people in chairs only or about 100 people with tables and chairs. There is a podium, microphone, pull down screen, white board, sink, and bulletin board. It is near the east parking lot and has a unisex restroom across the hall. 
Room H-232
Large classroom or meeting room. This room can seats about 130 people in chairs and 60 people with tables and chairs. It has a chalk board, moveable large screen and a small sink. It is near the east parking lot and has a unisex restroom across the hall.  
Room H-28
Room H-30
Room H-31
Room H-32

These small children’s classrooms are perfect for small groups. There are children-sized chairs and round tables available. Each classroom includes a bulletin board, whiteboard, and sink. Room H-28 also has an upright piano.  They are all near a unisex restroom. Easy access to the east parking lot. These downstairs H building classrooms would be great for a children’s program that needed 1, 2, 3 or 4 classrooms.  These rooms can all seat about 20 children. Adult tables and chairs could be substituted for the child-size tables and chairs and seat about 20 adults as well. 

Room E-18

This space would be perfect for meetings, lectures, trainings or classes. 

It has connecting men’s and women’s restrooms.

The room also has a sink and cupboards, as well as an upright piano.

Capacity is approximately 40 people in chairs or 25 people at tables and chairs.

Room E-23

This space can hold approximately 30 people with chairs, or 25 with table and chairs. It is perfect for meetings, lectures, small groups.

It is adjacent to the kitchen with a ramp joining the room and the kitchen. It has a long counter on one side that can be set up for a buffet if desired.

It also has a chalk board and a screen. Right outside there is a shaded patio for break out groups or eating space. 

Room E-22

This small office space would be great for anyone needing an office for self-employment, counseling practice, online teaching, work share, or other uses.

There is a desk, chair and large window looking out into a patio.