Congregational Care


It is also our privilege to be able to pray for you. If you have a prayer request, contact us and send your prayer request to us. These requests will be shared with our pastors.


If you are hospitalized or are having surgery, please contact the church office and provide us information regarding which hospital you are at. The pastors make regular hospital visits and would be honored to call on you and pray with you during your hospital stay.

Homebound Members

While our homebound members are not able to come to worship with us, they are still an important part of our community. Our pastors and team of church members visit those who are unable to come to church. We can also bring communion on these visits. If you are homebound and would like a pastoral visit, a regular visitor, or home communion, please contact Pastor Matt at

Baptism/Church Membership

Baptism is a sacrament ordained by Christ and represents the beginning of a lifelong process of growing in Christ. It’s an initiation into the Body of Christ, and the church, and joins the person baptized with Christians everywhere. If you are interested joining the church through baptism or baptize your child, please contact our pastors at 520-327-4296.

Lay Ministers

Stephen Ministry is a One-to-One Ministry by Trained, Caring Lay Ministers. They minister to those who are experiencing: loneliness, loss of a Spouse, hospitalization, retirement changes, divorce, chemical dependency, grief, unemployment, terminal illness,and anxiety & depression. Please contact the church office at 520-327-4296 for more information.


We also want to celebrate with you. Let us know about your graduations, sporting events, anniversaries, and birthdays!