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Are you interested in doing some volunteer missions work for Catalina UMC?
Here are some of our mission outreach projects that are planned for 2023:

Primavera Men’s Shelter – We had something very special in store for the Primavera residents in December. Todd Eanes and his team of volunteers cooked and served a special Christmas menu on Christmas Eve. Yes, they put in many volunteer hours to give the homeless men at the shelter a great holiday meal. Thank you so much Todd and your crew. Catalina UMC is scheduled to cook and serve on the 4th Saturday of every month in 2023, from approximately 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The menu is planned and the grocery shopping will be done by team leaders. The work involves standing and lifting while we cook and serve. All volunteers who are vaccinated, gloved, and over the age of 12 are welcome. (Masks may be required, as determined each month).

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen – In 2023 Catalina will be scheduled to provide the soup approximately every six weeks. We will need 3 people to make up each of those work teams. Catalina’s schedule has not yet been set for 2023, but it always involves early morning work on assigned Saturday mornings, cooking a pre-planned menu of chicken-vegetable soup or another recipe. We start early, (approximately 6:30 am and we are finished by approximately 10:30 am). All the grocery shopping is done by a team leader. This work involves standing, lifting, cooking and serving in a very small kitchen. All volunteers who are vaccinated, gloved, and over the age of 12 are welcome. (Masks may be required, as determined each month). Stand by for our 2023 schedule.
Market on the Move – It’s coming back for 2023! This outreach is growing each year. We are scheduled for January 21st. And it will continue on the 3rd Saturdays of February – May, (from about 7:00 am to 10:00 am), we will need 5 -10 people to work sorting and distributing fresh produce on a “drive-through” basis. Where? Right in our own Catalina UMC east parking lot. This project offers mixed boxes of fresh produce, (up to 60 lbs), for only $10.00. If you volunteer with our Market on the Move outreach, you will have the opportunity to greet our church neighbors as they drive up, open their vehicle trunks, and receive their food. Although we can provide some folding chairs, this project involves some lifting and is subject to weather conditions that can be cold in the early months and hot in the later months. Volunteers should be vaccinated and gloved.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Making – We are hoping to revive our PB&J sandwich making outreach that was shelved during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. At last . . . this is a mission outreach that allows volunteers to sit, chat, and make (a lot) of sandwiches. The 2023 dates are not yet set, but it previously was held on Friday mid-afternoons and lasted 3 hours or so until the bread was gone. This schedule may allow for those who come from work to still stop by and volunteer for an hour or more. Stand by for a 2023 schedule.
There will be other mission outreach events supported by Catalina UMC volunteers, but they may only happen randomly during the year. We are looking for other volunteer opportunities that may not be as physically challenging. Stand by for updates.
The people of Catalina reach out and show God’s love to others in need through our volunteer service, resource sharing, and financial/in-kind giving.
Do you like helping those around you who are in need?  If so, contact the church office at or (520)327-4296 so we can connect you to help make a difference in our Tucson community.
Our community outreach includes
  • Angel Tree – Spread joy with gifts for children whose parents are incarcerated.
  • Blenman Elementary School – Provide school supplies and food packets.
  • Casa Maria, TIHAN, Primavera Men’s Shelter – Cook and serve meals
  • The Inn  – Providing hospitality to immigrants seeking asylum.
  • Market on the Move – Distributing rescued produce.

Our community partnerships include:

  • Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
  • Interfaith Community Services
  • UMCOR Relief Fund
  • Frontera Wesley Foundation at U of A
  • Justice for our Neighbors
  • The Fuente de Vida UMC ministry in Agua Prieta, Mexico
  • Multi-Faith Food Packathon (see a few highlights of a previous Packathon)